We understand that your horse is more than just a hobby. He is a priority and member of your family. As your boarding stable, we do our best to provide the best care for your horse, and peace of mind for you. A happy horse owner is one who knows their horse is well cared for, safe, and secure. We want you to feel comfortable leaving your horse with us, knowing that we will treat each animal as we would treat our own. A good boarding stable finds the appropriate balance among three parts: care, facilities, and price. The first should be exceptional; the second should be acceptable; and the third should reflect the first two. If all three don't make sense together, there is a flaw in the management of the farm. We have done and are continuing to do our best to provide exceptional care, more than acceptable facilities, at the right price. 

Miles Hill Farm offers 7 matted box stalls, 10 X 10 with operable windows. Bars divide the stalls and line the front assuring light and proper air circulation. Each stall is layered with stone dust for drainage and rubber mats for comfort. We use wood pellets as bedding and the stalls are cleaned meticulously six days a week, except Sundays.

We believe that happy horses are ones that are turned out. We provide daily all-day turnout in grass pastures (weather permitting), group or individual turn-out are available depending on the horse and owner's preference. Our pastures are cleaned regularly.

Our feed program consists of high-quality Purina grain and mixed grass hay. In non-grazing months, horses are provided with three daily feedings, with dinner hay fed in slow-feeder hay nets to keep horses munching as long as possible. In extremely cold weather, a late night hay feeding is added. In grazing months, twice daily hay feedings are provided. A custom or specific feed program can be arranged.

Barn hours are 7:30am to 9:30pm.

Stalls are available at $525 per month. Stalls are currently full, to schedule your farm tour and be added to our waiting list, please contact us.


At Miles Hill Farm, we believe in creating horsemen, not just riders. Any lesson program can teach you eyes up and heels down, but we are a good fit for you if you believe, as we do, that the riding of the horse goes along with a greater responsibility. Our riders are expected to arrive early for their lesson and learn the fundamentals of grooming and tacking up, and are expected to stay after their lesson to learn how to properly care for their mount and tack. In the saddle, we strive to create a strong foundation of the basics. We approach hunt seat riding from a place of balance, incorporating some of the basics of dressage. Riders have the option to learn to jump, and proceed to jumping once sufficiency has been reached on the flat. There are two main goals: to learn, and to have fun... If you're not learning, we're not doing our job. If you're not having fun, you're not doing yours!

Lessons are available as half hour, forty five minute, or hour long privates, on your horse or ours. Lessons may be purchased individually, or in a series of six consecutive weeks (one make up to be held during the series).

  • Half-hour private: $35 each or $190/series
  • 45 minute private: $45 each, or $245/series
  • Hour private: $55 each, or $300/series

Semi-private and group lessons are available as long as there is a suitable class currently available. $40 each or $215/series, please inquire.

Leases on farm-owned horses are also available, please inquire